Introducing the first of Sight and Sound Technology’s “respexi™” family of independent living products.

The respexiTM Home Tablet solution is a simple to use, affordable and fully supported service, providing the tablet user and their family, friends and professional care groups with the capability to stay in touch, prevent isolation, support independence and offer peace of mind to all.

At Sight and Sound, we understand that technology can sometimes be a little daunting, which is why we have developed an end to end solution that requires no computing experience on the part of the tablet user. Users can now interact with others who want to stay in touch and get assistance in organising day to day activities, plus it extends the benefits of the digital age to elderly people in their own home.

The respexiTM service sets reminders and alerts family / carers of any that are missed by the user; offers simple radio, video calling and browsing of photos sent in real time over a broadband connection with easy access to on device assistance and a professional support help desk.

The key to respexiTM is the total support that we offer including provision of a broadband internet service if required, touch screen tablet and full installation, set up, familiarisation and helpdesk support service for users, family, friends and carers.

So, respexiTM is much more than just a clever app, it is a full independent living solution for anyone who needs support, care or just wants to play an active part of a wider group of family and friends.


from the Latin

1. care for, provide for

2. consider