The following is a list of Frequently Ashed Questions.

  • Q: What is respexi?


    The respexi home tablet is the first of Sight and Sound Technology's "respexi" family of Independent Living products. The respexi home tablet is a new touchscreen tablet that arms isolated individuals in the home with the ability to stay in touch with family, friends and carers through messages, reminders, face-to-face video calls, photos and radio. The tablet can be set up to meet each individual's needs (colour change etc), including voice output for those who are visually impaired or Blind.

    The respexi home tablet comes with a full support service team and helpline that will be contactable around the clock, 7 days a week.

    It is designed to fit in effortlessly with any lifestyle, giving family members and Caregivers updates on the user's wellbeing by allowing the easiest communication throughout the day.

    Each feature is accessible either directly from the respexi home tablet (respexi home tablet) but can also be accessed remotely via the portal. As you will see, some features lend themselves more than others to be used directly by the end user and others are administration support features to be used by the support/care network of the end user.

    The main feature applications available are shown below;

    These features can be used by the end user directly to the tablet or via the web portal by family, friends and/or carers:

    respexi main apps
    Messages button


    Send and receive messages within a closed group – only those that have been allowed into the user's contact list.

    Diary button


    Create, set and save appointments. Appt pop up with sound alert that can be set to postpone or complete an event.

    Reminders button


    Can be set at a configurable predetermined time before the reminder is due – the screen will display a large message/box and the device will speak the reminder (if speech output is turned on).

    If a reminder is not dismissed, the respexi home tablet will alert a pre-defined (set on the web browser portal) list of people by email and sms.

    These features are of particular direct benefit to the user and will be typically be used by the user directly from the touchscreen tablet

    respexi User apps
    People button


    Make or receive no cost video to/from your chosen contacts to anywhere in the world.

    Radio button


    Touch and play, choose from pre-chosen radio channels

    Photos button


    Receive photos directly onto tablet. Can be sent from anywhere in the world to the tablet. Gallery of photos turns into screen saver.

    These features be used by the end user directly to the tablet or via the web portal by family, friends and/or carers

    respexi Help and Preferences apps
    Help button


    Help video files for every feature available to view.

    Preference button


    Customise the look of your tablet screen, change colours, screen brightness, volume, speech output.

    The respexi home tablet supports users with a wide range of disabilities and specifically Blind and Low Vision users.

    This feature will be used by the carer or support network to access a special Carer Log area

    respexi Carer Log app
    Carer button

    Carer Log

    Allows the carer to create status messages for others in the support/carer network.  Log in arrival and departure time stamp for continuity of care and care audit trail if required.

    Used directly from the respexi home tablet – this appears on every screen of the respexi home tablet

    respexi Assist button


    One touch alert service, when activated this will send an email to those on the carer/support list.  Not for life critical but as alert that contact is required by the user.


  • Q: What does respexi home tablet look like?


    respexi has the streamlined look and functionality of a digital photo frame, which (unlike may intimidating looking medical devices and computers) enables non-IT users easy access to a digital device. The sleek, 10-inch LCD touchscreen interface is easy and convenient to use and is seated in a mains powered stand. respexi is connected to the Broadband network wirelessly. Sight and Sound Technology will provide the Broadband including its installation as part of the respexi solution.

    respexi home tablettop
  • Q: How does the respexi home tablet solution work?


    The respexi home tablet solution has two faces - one is for the end user; this includes the Radio, Video conferencing Family or Carers with one touch, reviewing photos sent to them and as a reminder for diary events and to take medications at prescribed times, and many other things. The other face of the solution is the web portal that can be used by those supporting or caring for the individual to set reminders, appointments, send messages and choose radio stations.

  • Q: How much does it cost?


    One-off initial payment that covers; Broadband set up and installation, Administration and set up of respexi home tablet £349.00

    Monthly payments that cover management, service and provision of the respexi home tablet service. This includes helpdesk support, 24 hours broadband support. Repair and Replacement of respexi home tablet and or mains powered stand. £27.99

    Monthly Telephone and Broadband rental charges £19.99

  • Q: Can I use the respexi home tablet for other purposes, like surfing the internet or download other applications onto it?


    No. The respexi solution is locked onto the tablet; the tablet cannot be used for any other function other than that of the respexi solution. The solution is an end to end service which provides the user and carer support network with piece of mind; from the provision of the Broadband to the working of the tablet itself. Sight and Sound Technology retain ownership of the tablet device this ensures that any repairs or replacements can be conducted with no extra cost to the user.

  • Q: What happens when I place my order for respexi home tablet?


    Sight and Sound Technology will take all the relevant information of both the end user and the person paying for the service (if different). The email address of the carer/family member(s) will be used to send "How to get started" instructions.

  • Q: Can one household have multiple respexi tablets?


    Yes, more than one tablet can be provided on different accounts but using the same Broadband connection.

  • Q: Do I need a separate Broadband connection for other users of the internet in the household?


    No. respexi Broadband will support all members of a household, so they can connect computers, phones and other IT equipment alongside respexi home tablet on the same Broadband line.

  • Q: How technical do I have to be to set up a respexi for my parents?


    respexi’s is all configured and ready to use and needs very little set-up which will be completed with the delivery of respexi. The personal information that you add to the website is generally done by a family member or Carer and takes around 30 minutes. It’s as easy as filling out a form on the web.

  • Q: Who installs the respexi in the users home?


    While there is no ‘installation’ per se (for example, drilling, wall mounting, etc.), with the Broadband based system we have a team of installers who will deliver and do the basic set up, i.e. plugging it in and making sure the wireless is connected.

  • Q: Does the respexi come with batteries?


    respexi comes equipped with built in rechargeable batteries. The batteries are for backup power in case of any power failure in the home or for when the tablet is removed from its mains connected stand.

  • Q: My relative comes from the generation who are generally very thrifty in nature; they’re always turning off their electrical appliances to ‘conserve’ power usage. What happens if they turn off respexi?


    The respexi home tablet should be kept in the powered stand (plugged into the mains) when not in use to ensure that the batteries do not run down.

  • Q: What happens if there is a power cut?


    The Tablet will run until the battery power is used up. If the mains power is off the WiFi services will fail so the respexi solution will not operate.

  • Q: I like the respexi plan, since we’re not sure how long our dad can live in his home (we’d like to keep him happy and have him live there as long as possible). What happens if we decide to cancel at some point, say 3-6 months into our purchase?


    There is a minimum 12 or 24 month contract option. Early termination will require some fees to be paid (dependant on the period at which termination is notified)

  • Q: What kind of warranty does respexi carry?


    The respexi home tablet devices is the property of Sight and Sound Technology. Sight and Sound Technology retain ownership of the tablet device this ensures that any repairs or replacements can be conducted with no extra cost to the user or requirement of warranties for the user.

  • Q: Is respexi waterproof?


    No it is an electrical product and should be kept away from water and spillage.

  • Q: Is there a grace period after I receive my respexi where I can decide if it will meet my needs or not?


    Yes, respexi has a 14 day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your respexi, simply return your respexi within 14 days of your purchase and receive a full refund. Certain terms and conditions apply.

  • Q: Where can I get respexi?


    respexi is available for purchase directly from Sight and Sound Technology Ltd. respexi is also sold through authorized sales representatives across the country.